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Get ready for an INTERSTELLAR EXPERIANCE! with Cosmic Cleanse! We've teamed up with author Mike Damante for the release of his newest book "Punk rock and UFOs: Stranger Than Fiction" available June 16th on Amazon & Barnes & Noble. So grab your Book and Bar and great ready for an out oft his world experience!!! 

Get your copy TODAY! at

About the Book "Punk rock and UFOs: Stranger Than Fiction"

The synopsis of the book states:
“Mythological gods. Dragons. Magicians. Interdimensional beings. UFOs. Goblins. Secret government programs. Psychic abilities.  These can’t be real?

Or can they?

Punk rock and UFOs: Stranger Than Fiction aims to normalize the paranormal through current pop culture, mythology, fiction and its connection to unexplained phenomena.  The book features insights and exclusive interviews from the world of academia, journalism, television and film, pop culture, science, and UFO studies like TOM DELONGE, LESLIE KEAN, KEVIN DAY, SEAN CAHILL, JEFFREY KRIPAL,PETER LEVENDA, DAVID MARQUEZ, (DC Comics), RICK STRASSMAN, DIANA PASULKA, and others.”

“The aim of the book is to use some current, real-life events and connect them to some fictional examples that appear in popular culture, which will hopefully bridge the gap between fiction and nonfiction, as well as help show people that the paranormal isn’t really all that unbelievable,” said DAMANTE. “It speaks volumes that I got exclusive quotes/ interviews from the likes of TOM DELONGE, LESLIE KEAN, DIANA PASULKA, KEVIN DAY, as well as scholars, scientists, academic figures, officials, and others that understand the scope of ‘Stranger Than Fiction.’ It is really my best work, and I’m excited to be working with Beyond The Fray publishing, which is building an impressive roster off an already great line of books.”


Almond & Vanilla

Coconut Oil, Olive oil, Sustainable Palm Oil, Sunflower oil, Shea butter, Castor oil, Almond Natural Fragrance Oil, Vanilla Natural Fragrance Oil,  Natural Mica, Activated Charcoal 

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