What a year! THIS IS HEAVY . . .

What a year! THIS IS HEAVY . . .

2020 what a year, right??? I know we have all seen the meme but seriously, If someone had told any of us back in January that in 3 months the world as we know it would be locked down, ppl would be asked/forced to stay home, we would all be social distancing, movie theaters would be closed (Awww I  miss going to the  movies!  and that smell of popcorn that hits you the moment the main door even starts to crack open... yeah you know the smell. That is the best) men, women and even children would be living in masks, I would have said, "yeah,  what's it called? I'll watch that movie".

In reality the world right now is scary, crazy and straight up a hot mess.  Hopefully we can at least be thankful for family, friends and Netflix. May they all stay safe, continue keeping  us sane and all this be over soon!

So idk if anyone else has noticed this but, there are still no hover boards, flying cars, or even time traveling going on!  What is up with that 2020? we should have been having these awesome things  since 2015! There is definitely some slacking going on here! 

Ever since my brother Paul and I started Pop Soap we have had so many ideas and plans for different soaps and new product to add to the lineup  but our usual busy 3-5 event a week schedule kept us pretty busy and  didn't always leave a ton of time for R&D'ing in the soap lab .

With this current forced "breather" we all find ourselves in, sadly has caused all of our events to cancel but it has left some new free time and we don't really like free time so we  have been filling in those gaps in our timeline  with new ideas, projects and soaps! lots and lots of soap!

We have been shooting to release a new bar a month there has been, The Bidi Bidi Bidi Bom Bar, The Tiger King Bar, and The Mother of Bars,  but deep down in our little Pop Soapy hearts we knew it was time to finally work on the  bar for one of the best and  our all time favorite movie series ever!

We knew we had to do something special for that beloved triple feature of films that we watched on VHS as kids during the summer breaks, then DVD in between college semesters and now on Blu Ray and or whatever steaming service is currently pimping it out.  it was finally time to release the  "Bath to the Future" Bar.  We experimented with various  scents, colors, exfoliates. It had to smell fresh, cool, unique, yet still have that familiar aroma that you just can't quite place. 

This bar had to have a futuristic and sleek  look to it and some sort of fun texture. Several  test batches, arguments, and apologies later. "Great Scott!",  it was finally ready to share with the world. It was time for  "Bath to the Future". This bar is a concoction  of sweet melon and fresh pear, with a pumice scrub, in a cool gray hue of course.

It is the soap bar of the Future! and even though  it can not quite return us to the time before this crazy pandemic began  it can however  transform your shower to a magical, whimsical oasis of awesome. So if you are ready for a little "Me time" or you wanna take a little break from the show binging and social media, "if my calculations are correct " then it is definitely  time to give the "Bath to the Future" a spin!

If you do try it or if you already have...let me know what you think!
Stay safe and Healthy Pop Fam!


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