The Pop Soap dream was born 20 years ago, long before a single bar of soap was cut. Siblings Gem & Paul watched the movie Fight Club and as the credits rolled they looked at each other and jokingly said "We should make Soap! Wouldn't it be bad ass and fun! Let's do it!" Making the same joke for 15 years every time they watched it, together they wrote and directed short films, toured in a punk band and had their own graphic design firm. They always hoped to combine all these passions into one but They never imagined one day SOAP would bring it all together!

One summer they finally decided to do it! Delving into research for a few weeks then heading to the store with $100 and buying all the supplies they needed to make their first batch of soap which in their own words "Was quite possibly the worst soap ever made" even adding "Our own mother said she couldn't use it". They persisted and began learning the art of soap making, feverishly consuming videos, tutorial, blogs and books until a year and a half later they emerged with soap recipes they loved and felt ready to share with the world.

It's now been 3 years since the first batch was made and it hasn't stopped there. They wanted  to hold POP SOAP to the highest quality standards and decided to dedicate their company to being ALL VEGAN always having felt a passion for holistic health and fighting animal and earth cruelty. Taking inspiration from their favorite Pop Culture and childhood memories they have created the very best All Vegan Handmade Products such as Soap, Bath Bombs, Body Butters, Shower Gels and Beard Products designing each line with a wink to their favorite Pop Culture memories that they love having in common and sharing with all their customers. 

Let's Get Dirty!